COOP is a zine dedicated to celebrating chickens through art and poetry.

Why chicken poetry & art?

Meet the Editors

Hi, I’m alliyah! You will be hard-pressed to find someone that loves chicken poetry more than me. I’m a big fan of the color dark cyan and theology and I’m always working on some sort of poetry project in my spare time.

I am a lover of birds, trees, poetry, and art. I’m currently working on my MFA in poetry! I think there is something really special about “small” art, and so working on COOP has been really fulfilling for me. I like making small video games, art, poetry, and lots of other stuff!

Our History

September 2020

The Idea

alliyah has some cool Thoughts about how chicken poetry is good for writers block, and encourages her favorite social writing site YWS (youngwriterssociety.com) to write chicken poetry.
YWS writes a LOT of chicken poetry.
Meanwhile, Rook has been dreaming of making a zine for several years, but doesn’t know what to put in one.
Rook, seeing all the chicken poetry on YWS, approaches alliyah about making a chicken poetry and art zine.

January 2021

The Call

Rook and alliyah post the first call for submissions on YWS. Over the next few months, they take submissions, edit them, and do all the magic associated with creating something, before finally, they finish the first zine.

April 2021

First Zine Hatches

The first edition of COOP is published in April 2021. Rook and alliyah decide they’ve had so much fun that they turn their sights toward becoming a proper indie lit mag. They build a website, make social media pages, and begin receiving submissions from people all around the world.

October 2021
June 2022
November 2022

Second, Third, and Fourth Editions Published

December 2022

First Newsletter Sent

Shortly after the publication of the 4th edition, COOP sends out its first newsletter!

April 2023
May 2023
September 2023

Special Editions, Special Feature, and Sixth Edition

The first special edition of COOP is published in April, and the first special feature, and then in May, COOP’s first special feature, an interview with artist Paz from chickitout.tumblr.com, is published in the fifth edition.
Later in 2023, the sixth edition is released.

February 2024

Free Range

The first special “Free Range” edition is released. “Free Range” is a collection chicken art and poetry made up of works in the public domain.