Please submit using our Google form.

We review submissions on a rolling basis, but we ask that you not submit more than three poems and three art pieces until we have sent either an acceptance or rejection letter. After you receive a response, you are welcome to submit more poetry and art.

If you do not receive a response from us within 3 months, feel free to contact us at It’s most likely that we just haven’t received enough submissions to create a full zine. If you’re getting impatient, why not rope your friends into submitting something too? We look forward to your poetry and art!

Do you have flash (<350 words) fiction or nonfiction about chickens? We’d love to read that too! Submit as if your pieces are poems. We’ll get the gist. Just keep in mind that our editors are much more familiar with poetry than prose.

Questions? Check out our FAQ or email us at

  • All submissions should be at least tangentially related to chickens.
  • Please keep poetry formatting simple
  • Content should be E or PG (no strong language or mature content).
  • Do not submit something that has been previously published in a print or online journal or magazine, although you may submit something you have previously published on a personal blog or social media page as long as it is your own work.
  • All poetry and art should be submitted via our google form. Do not send email submissions.