For all our printable zines, unless otherwise stated, print double-sided, flipping pages on the short edge. After printing, fold in half and staple one the spine.

Special Edition: Duck, Duck, Goose!

Step aside, chickens: it’s time for other birds to shine!

Special Edition: Free Range

This special edition is the first in a series of public domain issues!

Zine #5

The fifth edition, and home to our very first special feature! This zine features an interview with Paz, the artist behind chick-it-out on Tumblr!

Special Edition: Minizine

Our first special edition! A hatchling-sized zine that can be printed on one piece of paper.

Print double-sided, flipping on short edge. Once printed, cut on the dotted lines and fold on the solid lines. Arrange pages in order, then staple along the spine. Feel free to print in black and white or color.

We always think COOP is best experienced in print format, but with this minizine especially we encourage you to print it out. Still, we understand that not everyone has access to a printer. If you just want to read COOP digitally, this PDF is for you.

Zine #2

The second installment, open to all for the first time.

Zine #1

Our flagship zine. The egg, if you will.